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[mp3-jplayer tracks=”Rock & Sway@, Bring It On Body@, The Core@, El Amor Tuyo@, El Cascabel@, La Lluvia@, Sigh@, You And Me Against The Moon@, Moon Colored Jade@, Besame Mucho@, I Hear A Voice@, That Heart@″]

Moon Colored Jade

Maria the Mexican – Moon Colored Jade

Produced for Birdsway Productions by D. Garrett Nordstrom & Matthew Russo
Additional production Jason Riley

Rock & Sway: Nordstrom, M. Cuevas, Riley, Bring It On Body: Nordstrom/Lind, The Core: Nordstrom, El Amor Tuyo: Riley, El Cascabel: Trad. Arranged by María and Teresa Cuevas, La Lluvia: Nordstrom, Sigh: Nordstrom/M. Cuevas, You and Me Against The Moon: Nordstrom, Moon Colored Jade: Nordstrom, Bésame Mucho: Trad Arranged by María and Teresa Cuevas, I Hear A Voice: Nordstrom, That Heart: Nordstrom/Lind

Engineered by Matthew Russo & Larry Gann at Awestruck Studios, Ken Lovern at Vintage Key Recording, Joel Nanos at Element Recording Studio & Ben Brodin at ARC
Mixed by Ben Brodin at ARC
Mastering by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering
Cut Paper Art by Angie Pickman at
Layout by Larry Schildknecht at I Mean We, Inc.

María Elena Cuevas-vocals, vihuela / Teresa Cuevas-vocals, violin / Jason Riley-guitar, string arrangements / Craig Kew-bass / James Kew-cello / Ken Lovern-b3, wurlizter, rhodes, clavinet, accordion / D. Garrett Nordstrom-guitar, synth / Patrice Pike-vocals / Lester Estelle Jr., drums / Ben Brodin-vibraphone / Matthew Russo-guitar, percussion, handclaps / Larry Gann-percussion / Christina Grossman-viola, violin / Eric Stark-trumpet, horn arrangements / Hermon Mehari-trumpet / Andy McGhie-tenor saxophone / Dick Yeager-tenor saxophone

D. Garrett Nordstrom plays Seuf Guitars
Jason Riley proudly endorses Godin Guitars (Canada) Dean Markley Strings (USA) &  Wegen Picks (The Netherlands)

Moon Colored Jade is dedicated to the matriarchs María Teresa Alonzo Cuevas & Louise Elizabeth Rooney


Click song titles for lyrics

1) rock & sway
2) bring it on body
3) the core
4) el amor tuyo
5) el cascabel
6) la Lluvia
7) sigh
8) you and me against the moon
9) moon colored jade
10) bésame mucho
11) i hear a voice
12) that heart