We’re excited to back in KC with our FULL BAND for Apocalypse Meow #9!  Check us out, along with Chris Meck and the Guilty Birds Friday, Nov. 4th at Mills Record Company in Westport presented by the Midwest Music Foundation and 90.9 The Bridge.


About the show – “Our annual benefit concert was founded in response to Kansas City musician Abigail Henderson’s cancer diagnosis, which prompted her friends and fellow musicians to raise money for her healthcare expenses. The first concert marked the birth of the Midwest Music Foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting musicians who lack proper access to health care. The event features live performances by notable Kansas City-area bands as a donation of their time and talents to their community; local businesses and artisans donate products and services to the event for auction. All monies raised during Apocalypse Meow go directly to Abby’s Fund for Musician’s Health Care and the production coasts of Apocalypse Meow. Performances, business donations, and services are purely voluntary.”

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