Big thanks to Steven Hill for our feature in January issue of the KU Alumni Magazine. The article is so eloquently written. We are also thrilled to hear Chuck Haddix’s comments on our record. Check out the link to the article HERE. Our favorite comments of Haddix’s were…

“You have a lot of outstanding parts coming together to create something really unique. It’s triple-A radio material.”

“The use of harmony really sets this apart from other contemporary recordings,” Haddix says. “You don’t hear that much today. Most bands don’t take it on because harmony requires a real ear for music, for being in tune.”

“It seems to me that with this CD [the Cuevas sisters] have found their own voice,” Haddix says. “They’re breaking new ground with the fusing of classical with the mariachi with the pop sensibility and the harmonies. It’s a whole new chapter in the Hispanic music tradition.”

Following the interview we performed Bring It On Body and Besame Mucho!

Bring It On Body

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