Happy Holidays from MtM!


We hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving! MtM spent the day celebrating with family in Topeka. So, a few things we are thankful for…(1) OUR BAND! We are slowly but surely making our dreams come true, and we are so lucky to have the opportunity to pursue them…(2) OUR MUSICIANS…Garrett Nordstrom & Jason Riley comprise the CORE of MtM, and we would be still be singing at the Kansas Grill in Top City if it weren’t for you guys. Craig Kew, Ken Lovern, Dave Autry, and Mike Patrum are fabulous, insanely talented musicians as well. We love you  guys! (3) OUR GRANDMOTHER, Teresa Cuevas…she is the reason we are musicians today. She taught us everything we know about mariachi music. Here is a link to a documentary made about Mariachi Estrella.

Mariachi Estrella

Last, we want to thank all of the MtM supporters out there who have helped us along the way…family, friends, and fans! We can’t wait to share with you what the future has to bring for MtM!

That said, we hope you all have a fun, safe, and happy holiday season! Don’t miss out on our holiday gift ideas…(1) Red/Green Women’s V-neck tees (2) CD version of Moon Colored Jade (3) Moon Colored Jade on Vinyl. ORDER HERE ALSO, we will be celebrating Tess & Garrett’s bday in the month of December, and will be giving out celebratory gifts to everyone, so STAY TUNED :)


PS. The lighting wasn’t the best when we took this pic…These tees may appear pink and black but they are INDEED RED & GREEN!

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